Friday, February 26, 2010


Ive been in love with braids since I saw Lauren Conard rocking them. Obsessed with youtubing how to French braid, fishtail braid, Swedish braid! you name it. Try one or all of these cool braids! who thought braids could be so chic and modern? I ♥ Braids. 15 Grown up ways to Wear Braids provided by oh I love Glamour magazines!

Mommies Make the World Go Round

In a bold attempt by my mother to finally get me started with sewing, she very faithfully bought a simplicity pattern 6823 and said "here make me this dress". Never have I ever used a manufactured pattern in my life, let alone really made much with fabric, needle and thread. At first it was very nerve racking. My mother, I felt had way too much faith in could I possibly make a dress if I have never done this before? Eventually I got over the fear of ruining the fabric and failing miserably. My project slowly but surly is coming a long... Hopefully ill be able to post the finished product soon. My first dress ever made!! :D COMING SOON... or not lol.

My mom definitely makes my world  go round. Without her my life would be at a stand still. LUV U MOM!