Friday, February 26, 2010

Mommies Make the World Go Round

In a bold attempt by my mother to finally get me started with sewing, she very faithfully bought a simplicity pattern 6823 and said "here make me this dress". Never have I ever used a manufactured pattern in my life, let alone really made much with fabric, needle and thread. At first it was very nerve racking. My mother, I felt had way too much faith in could I possibly make a dress if I have never done this before? Eventually I got over the fear of ruining the fabric and failing miserably. My project slowly but surly is coming a long... Hopefully ill be able to post the finished product soon. My first dress ever made!! :D COMING SOON... or not lol.

My mom definitely makes my world  go round. Without her my life would be at a stand still. LUV U MOM!

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