Thursday, May 26, 2011


I think writing my first blog post is the most difficult thing in the world right now. Too many ideas and not enough organization in my mind to make up my mind on what to write first. So ill begin with stating the obvious. I have no idea where to start!

It’s all too overwhelming. Editing my profile, uploading pictures, changing the appearance of the blog for a desired look. It’s a little frustrating but I cant wait to see it as I envision. Also, its intimidating to see how little and insignificant my blog will be in comparison to these elaborate and sophisticated blogs out here. I know I shouldn’t be comparing, especially a beginner like me. As long as I’m writing and expressing myself that should be enough for now. I hope that along with developing my blog, I also wish to enhance my writing and the creativity within my writing.  As you can see, I’m as mediocre or worse as they come :p

Whether no one or everyone sees my blog, this will be my journal illustrating my journey throughout.
As I get acquainted with my blog, here is a video link to add a little contagious laughter to your life =D… Happy Thirsty Thursday!

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