Saturday, May 28, 2011

Self-Tanning? Can I consider that a DIY?

I always dread when the weather starts getting warm. Everyone starts wearing shorts and skirts while I wear jeans to hide my very pale sun ridden legs -__- well eventually I get over it and ill wear my shorts, how else am I suppose to build a decent shade of bronze on my legs? Ive tried a self tanner only once in my life and never bothered to try again. Until I was snooping through my mom's closet and found a little orange bottle of L'Oreal Sublime Self-Tanning Lotion.

I thought "heck its there and there's no harm in trying it", right? I was always on the fence with these things because they are messy, slimy and some have a funky smell but L'Oreal's self tanner smelled like summer in a bottle! It applies white just like a body lotion. It says streak free but I guess you should probably apply a good amount so you get an all around even coating. It didn't leave streaks but I had uneven patches lol but that was all my fault. I wasn't seeing any fast result so i would apply a little more in the parts i didn't see a color change haha I'm ridiculous i tell you. After applying you should probably see it a change within 10-15 minutes and at 30 minutes, that should be the final color or at least that was my experience. And of course like with any other self-tanner you want to be moderate with application or you will end up looking like a carrot! ooooh that's not a good look.

No bueno -__-

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