Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello World....

And all those who inhabit it! Lovely day in New York City, big change from that grey and rainy weather. Finally the East coast can bask in some warmth and sunshine xD. Now that the sun is out and classes are over, I can start sewing again!

What I had in mind for this blog was to showcase a collection of DIY's from not just myself but from other bloggers as well. I have a million and a half bookmarks dedicated to this topic! This blog was created to share links to creative Do It Yourself sites. I felt that a blog was a good way to organize and categorize my favorites into one separate space of their own.  I love how creative people can get when it comes to making things out of usually inexpensive items.

Want to make a quick bodycon dress or skirt for as little as 99 cents?! With creativity and keen eye for fashion this blogger created this unique bodycon skirt and dress!
I fell in love with her blog awhile back and her stuff is such an inspiration. Makes you want to hit 99 cent stores and thrift shops all day long, doesnt it? check out this tutorial @ A Pair and a Spare as well as her many other and you'll also get a good feel of her sense of style. Uniquely hers and so chic!

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